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I have worked net control for several different nets.  As such I dislike the interference caused by rude  contesting. Rude contesters with deplorable operating practices deprive me of my ability to communicate and/or participate in various regular scheduled nets during active HF contests.  I have no problem with and even participate in some special event stations.  Special Event stations operate on published frequencies for a specific purpose during a limited time.  I refuse to support any origination that blindly promotes rude contesting and refuses to sanction obvious violations of FCC rules and good operating practices.  Contests sell radios - radio sales generate advertising - advertising sales generate large profit for the magazine publisher. We all know that the ARRL is the big amateur radio magazine publisher.

At our home we have a TX-455 US Tower with a NI4L Custom Resonant 3-band fan dipole up 60' feet for 160-80-40 meters.  Also a Butternut HF2V in the yard for backup.  Cushcraft 2 meter/440, 6 meter and a scanner antenna share the top of the tower.  I use an Ameritron ATR-30 antenna tuner and Alpha-Delta surge protection.  Yaesu FTdx3000 radio, the new Heil Heritage microphone mounted on a Heil PL2T boom. I have kept my Heil PR-40 however I get better audio reports on the Heritage microphone. Amplification provided by a Ameritron ALS-1300 and/or ALS-500 solid state no tune amplifiers.  When conditions are such I switch to the Heil Pro Headset with the HC5.  I'm a very satisfied Heil user.  Main reason is that when I have had a problem or question I can talk to Bob Heil in person!  My backup radio is a Icom IC-7300. Great radio that I can operate it from the front of the radio, using any of the computers in our home network or using the world wide web from anywhere in the world.  I use a Top-Ten Devices antenna switch to automatically transfer my antenna system to the radio in use at the time.  All of the station equipment except one HF amplifier is powered by a common 90 amp 12 volt DC IOTA power supply with automatic battery backup.  I am very thankful for my loving wife for allowing and helping me to construct this great station at our home.  Also for reminding me to keep the alarm system set, so that we can keep it!

I'm am also a retired Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Rated Pilot with 4000+ safe hours as Pilot In Command, a Licensed Auctioneer, a Licensed Private Investigator and court appointed to serve civil process in five counties.  In addition to public auctions I donate my services several times yearly for Charity auctions and fund raisers.  I'll gladly conduct an "Estate Auction" of amateur radio and related equipment for the surviving family of a deceased amateur.

I'm part of what is known as the 3922 group. Check out the 3922 group page I have added to this site.  We attend the Belton Texas HamExpo twice each year in the Spring and Fall, hope to see you there.  We will be around the 3922 / 3870 barbecue pit on Friday and Saturday of the Hamfest.  You can also catch us two or three time every year 4 X 4 mobile in the sand on the North beaches of South Padre Island Texas IOTA NA-092.  We enjoy attending area Hamfests that have reasonable entry fees.  Check out the Queen Wilhelmina Hamfest the first weekend after the Labor Day holiday each year in Mena, Arkansas.  It's a free hamfest with great attendance, beautiful RV park, good folks, good food and lots of fun.

I have not told much about the love of my life, my wife Pam who is also a amateur N5PAM. She is active in the real estate business and is the Crawford County Coroner. For many years my wife and her mother owned a local restaurant.  I'll never forget the time at the restaurant some of the officers were telling flying stories about me.  I became embarrassed and excused myself from the table. After I left Pam remarked "I wouldn't fly with him for anything". One of the other officers remarked "Fly with him anywhere he is a safe pilot just don't ever get in a car with him, he can't drive!"  Now that we are married and she has done both, she agrees.  We have been blessed with three daughters and several grandchildren.  I would love to put more photos of them on my web page, however for security reasons I don't think should.  Pam's father is a retired Arkansas State Trooper with 33 years of service to the State of Arkansas.

For years I planned my final retirement in deep South Texas however with the higher real estate tax rates, higher homeowners insurance rates, higher sales tax rates and all the other junk fees, I think we will just stay home and enjoy Arkansas. 



March 10 - 11, 2017

October 6 - 7, 2017

 Only a $5.00 entry fee - $15.00 tables includes 2 admission tickets.
Belton Texas HamEXPO  Exit 292 off I-35 - For info go to: http://www.tarc.org

Sept 8 & 9, 2017


 FREE entry - $5.00/10.00 tables

Queen Wilhelmina Hamfest, Mena AR. -  For info go to: http:/menahamfest.net


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